Divine Revelation


John 16:15

“All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.”

At first glance, today’s verse might seem a bit vague. But a deeper look at it reveals that the verse mentions all three Persons of the Trinity. Take a look at the verse in the Amplified Version of the Bible: “All things that the Father has are Mine. Because of this I said that He [the Spirit] will take from what is Mine and will reveal it to you.”

Jesus Christ told His disciples that because everything the Father has is His, the Spirit will reveal it all to them. While we may not walk with and talk to Jesus physically as the disciples did, we can still have a glimpse into His mind and the way He works by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

When you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins and redeemed your life from the pit, you become a child of God. The Holy Spirit begins to dwell in you and you have access to the depths of His wisdom on a daily basis. When you purposefully follow the Lord, He will reveal everything you need to live a life that brings glory to His Name. If you feel you’re lacking in your spiritual life, ask the Lord to reveal His Word to You – to guide and sustain you.

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  1. Joyce Dsouza
    30 Jul 2021 13:51:53 Reply

    Praise the Lord…..Alleluia Alleluia….
    Thank you Pastor for your teaching…..Please continue to give us all small commentary on God’s word.
    Thank you

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