Do not be angry


Proverbs 14:29:  He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding; but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.

Temper is something which has to be maintained in a way that is acceptable and permissible.  Many people suffer with being bad at temper or short at temper.  Many lose friends and the ones that are dear or near to them just because they did not know how to handle their temper well.

The Bible says that a person who is slow to anger has great understanding and is wise on how to deal with his or her emotions.  They are the ones in charge of their emotions and it is not the emotion of anger or wrath that is controlling them or ruling their lives.  Long suffering or patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit.  If we know how to control our emotions, we can be at peace with everyone.  We will know what to speak and what not to speak and how well to bridle our tongue.  Those that are of a hasty spirit or a person who has less control over his emotions or who loses temper very fast shows to the whole world who is controlling him.  It is like they are lifting up or glorifying their bad emotions over their life.

Controlling anger is not that difficult.  We can keep a check on how we react in unpleasant situations.  Keep a check on who is controlling you… is it the Holy Spirit or is it your own spirit which is always at war with the Spirit of God that is controlling you? Never let your life be controlled or be destroyed by being wrathful or by being angry.  Allow the Holy Spirit to work upon your emotions.  Be blessed.