Do you believe in victory?


Matthew 8:17-“He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.”

This scripture deals with Jesus healing people and His miracles. Jesus had come to Peter’s house on the Sabbath day. The Old Testament law was that people must not work on the Sabbath i.e. Friday evening till Saturday evening; therefore, the Pharisees thought that to cure a person on the Sabbath day was against the law. Also, people would not travel on the Sabbath; so, they waited until the Sabbath day end to bring the sick people to Jesus. Jesus put His hands on each sick person and cured all their diseases (it depicts the Power to cure flowed from Him). Matthew’s purpose was to show that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the person who God promised to send; Jesus did what Old Testament prophets wrote about. As Isaiah said, Jesus took away the pains and diseases of the people. These deeds showed the authority of Jesus as God’s Son. They pointed forward to Jesus’ death when He would take away our sins.

Jesus came to bridge the ever-growing gap between God and humankind because humans indulged in sin. God sent Jesus to reconcile us to Himself. The Bible says that some people in the crowd had demons (who knew Jesus as the Son of God, the Christ. Meanwhile, there were people in Jerusalem who didn’t even believe at the time of Jesus’ death.). Jesus spoke a word and drove the demons away from the people (without them speaking) because it was not the appointed time for people to know. Christ bore our sicknesses and infirmities, our losses, our depressions and ill state of mind, our loss of family/friends, our rejections, our hurts, our pain, our loss of jobs, our poverty, our dip in careers, and everything that we hold negative in our life. Christ came to take it all and did just that. Even the demons know this – that they are defeated already. So, they come in this knowledge to whisper doubts and lies in our ears.

Do you believe the Word of God stated by Isaiah the prophet in Isaiah 53:4-5? All we need to do is to keep our faith. Believe that Christ came to earth to take the punishment for our sins and infirmities and to expunge them away from the earth so that we can be victors. What do you believe today?