Do you have confidence in God?


Psalm 94:18-“When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.”

Psalms 93 – 99 are “royal psalms”; the term ‘royal’ typically describes for a king. These psalms are called “royal” because God is the “king”, the ruler (or king) of everything! Psalm 94 is not a royal psalm but placed between two royal psalms. It explains that God will destroy kings and rulers that do not obey Him, then everyone will see that God is king! This psalm has 4 parts: first, the psalmist asks God to do something about bad leaders. Second, the psalmist tells the bad rulers – God does see what you are doing. Third, the psalmist describes life when rulers are good. Fourth, the psalmist tells us what God has done for him.

‘God holds me up’ is a metaphor taken from any thing falling, that is propped, shored up, or buttressed. Like the psalmist, know this – God’s mercy will sustain you in your difficult days. Even if your foot slips, be confident that God will not allow you to fall. The psalmist remembers all the blessings God has given him and the crutch of mercy and grace showered on him if he slips. How often do we see the mercy of the Lord prevent the ruin of weak believers, and of those who have been unfaithful? ‘Lord’ in Hebrew is a special word. People who have agreed to love and obey God call him “LORD”, the covenant name of God. People make a covenant with God when they agree to love and obey Him.

The psalmist, maybe even a king, had trouble but did not say what it was. He contemplates who fought for him and kept him safe and alive. When the psalmist nearly fell, God kept him safe; when he was not confident, God made him confident again with the knowledge that everything will be ok. Where are you today? Are you confident in God? Do you remember the blessings, grace, and favour, which the Lord has showered on you in His mercy?