Finding Rest In A Busy World


“I will praise You with my whole heart; Before the gods I will sing praises to You.”
Psalms 138:1

There is no way out, other than accepting the fact that we live in an always spinning world. We all yearn for peace, we crave for quietness in our souls- but most often, that deep rest is out of our reach. In today’s world, the contemplation seems to be about the only luxury that costs nothing-which is rest.

So what is rest? What does it mean by entering God’s rest and what exactly do we need to rest from? Anything and everything is praiseworthy in today’s world, so much so that science-technology, achievement-success, at times our own abilities become idols of the
modern world. The Bible is so clear when it talks about how everything under the sun is vanity, yet we place our strength in perishable things that cause so much unrest and uncertainty. So how do we define rest in an age of productivity? Is it possible, can productivity and rest co-exist? The answer is YES- look at King David’s life, Psalm 138:1 tells us how he praised God with all his heart, how he sang praises to God before the pagan gods of his time.

When we begin to understand the core of praise, we unlock His incorruptible peace that God so freely gave to us. We praise God for who He is, for His unchanging ways from the beginning of time. Let us build an army of worshipers who praise Him alone now and forevermore for He is our provider, in Him we shall rest!

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