Sing to the Lord ! Praise the Lord ! For He has delivered the life of the poor From the hand of evildoers. Jeremiah 20:13

Life is full of challenges, trials and tribulations. There are times when one might encounter public disrespect because of their belief in Jesus Christ or they are troubled regarding the pressures of life. There might even be occasions when one feels as if the chains of life are keeping them locked in a prison that appears to be inescapable but remember whatever prison-like situation one is facing whether it is health challenges, people hating on them, guilt, shame, family relationships, insecurity, demonic strongholds and attacks, depression or loneliness remember God will come through!

In situations like this, our enemies or whatever it may be that are temporarily setting us back have an expiry date and Jesus has already freed us from bondage, hands of the evildoers and strongholds! When God’s light hits the areas of pain in our life, let us be encouraged to know that victory is currently taking place. Whether we are seeking God’s protection for ourselves or a loved one. God hears each prayer, sees the fasting and sacrifice and God also inhabits our praise.

It is vital to take heed when God comes through for us in those moments that seem like we would have stayed locked in those prison-like circumstances. God comes through in protecting us in ways that are indescribable and beyond our thoughts so that He gets all the glory, reverence and praise. No matter how things look or feel at the present moment in our lives be encouraged that God will not forsake us, just trust that God will come through to protect us!

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