GOD has sustained us



Save us, O God of our salvation; gather us together, and deliver us…, to give thanks to your holy name, to triumph in your praise. 1 Chronicles 16:35

“Why Me ?” is a question many of us have asked ourselves in the past year. When we were experiencing the surge of an unseen virus killing lives around us, and if that were not enough we were also going through a crisis in our jobs, relationships, emotional wellbeing, and whatnot. Through it all, we have one question to ask “Why me GOD?” “Why did it had to happen to me ?” 

Whenever, life throws such situations at us, which makes us ask WHY, we must remember this verse above from 1 chronicles, which persuades us to GIVE THANKS. When we seek GOD’s deliverance in the hard times of our life, we should be certain that we do so, with the sole purpose to thank GOD for all the trials. For it is those trials that make us strong, and much more faithful. It is in these times our faith is tested and our character is tested. So let us put our best foot forward in times of trouble and tell our GOD that we have learned HIS word and we will not just be hearers, but also doers of HIS word. 

Many of us have spent days on hospital beds this last year, many of us have lost loved ones or jobs, but here we are, still standing and embracing this new year with strength and ability, which we completely owe to our GOD. HE has made all things new, for us. 

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