HE is our GOD.


He is your praise, and He is your GOD, who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen.  Deuteronomy 10:21 

The dictionary meaning of the term praise is “To admire” or “to show gratitude”.  In the above verse, the Bible is telling us that GOD is our admiration, He deserves our gratitude. The line which catches our eyes in the above verse is “ He is your praise, and He is your GOD”. What a blessing to call JESUS as our GOD. let that thought sink in us, as we read that line. 

Now, we see that when Jesus was subjected to be crucified on the cross, and the people of Israel shouted and screamed that HE be put to death through crucifixion, HE was still GOD. when he hung on the cross with two thieves next to HIM hanging, HE was still GOD, then how is it that only ONE person next to JESUS, hanging for a punishment that he deserved, realized that JESUS IS GOD and that JESUS could give him salvation? 

Many of us, never realize the power and the anointing we carry, just because of the fact that JESUS CHRIST is our GOD. the minute we have accepted HIM as our LORD and savior, HIS precious blood has washed us of all our sins and has enabled us to go and conquer this world. We no longer are slaves to our sins and fears, but we are the privileged ones who can call CHRIST JESUS as our LORD and GOD. 

May we always dwell in this realization and revelation of JESUS, we might be sinners like the thief who was hanging next to JESUS, but the moment we have realized that HE IS OUR GOD, we no longer are the same, we are renewed and made whole by HIS precious blood and HIS life. Amen. 

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