God, our Rock and salvation


Psalm 62:2:  He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.

David loved God so much that he knew that without Him, it would be difficult to have a life of victory.  He was so used to running and hiding in caves or rocky places.  He knew how strong rocks were and how protective they were to him in times of distress.  He knew that if he makes God as a tower or refuge, he will not be moved.

God is our Rock and our salvation.  David acknowledged this.  In fact, he was more than excited to have God as his rock and salvation.  Standing on a rock in the midst of waves is an overwhelming experience.  When we are pulled down by “waves” of difficulties and trouble one after the other, we will not be moved.  Troubles will come and go or could even threaten or beat the life out of us, but if we have made God as our strength, we will never be shaken, let alone fall.  Salvation belongs to the Lamb, who sits upon the throne.  Because God has saved us from sin and from bondage, the devil can hardly do anything to us.  When he buffets us or comes against us like a wave in the sea waiting to drown us, we can give him a good stare and remind him of where our footing is.

Let God be our Rock as well as our salvation.  Let God be our strong refuge and defense, a place where we can go to when we feel attacked.  Stand firmly upon our Rock, the Lord Jesus.  Keep your faith and hopes high.



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