Inheritance in the Lord


Psalm 47:4

“He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved.”

When we walk in the love of the Lord and obey his making of us in the journey with him; we shall know excellence. To aim for excellence in everything is part of the making and moulding that the Lord offers. He is the only one who will give us life and life to the fullest.

The people of the Lord, the sons/daughters of the Great I Am need to be excellent in times of victory and in times of defeat. We can only show and preach the image of the Lord through our actions, our impressions and at times even our expressions. Any man can use words to decorate himself; however, every word that we speak is not the spoken word but it is the life-giving word. Understand that in everything we do or say is the excellent making and the potter’s hand in play. How we allow this hand to work is up to us?

Be an excellent human being, be the man/woman the Lord wants us to be. The more we dwell in his image and abide in him we will walk and be excellent servants and soldiers of the heavenly kingdom. Oh! Heaven would be on earth if and only if we shed our old selves and put on the armour of excellence and a light that shone out through our lives that pleases the maker of heaven and earth.


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