God preserves His people


Psalm 12:7:  Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

The psalmist prays to God to keep the godly people safe from ungodly men.  He trusts God’s words of promises as silver refined in the furnace 7 times.  He makes his request known to God to keep them from all evil and to preserve them from this wicked generation for ever.

The psalmist is sure that when God says something, He will keep it.  When God assures of something, He will not violate what He said.  He is as sure as the back of his hand that God would keep the godly people safe in His care.  He wanted them to be kept safe from all kinds of injustice and corruption.  The psalmist is so very upset about the poor ones suffering in the society.  He wanted God to intervene in their lives so that they could lead a life of respect and dignity.  He did not run to any top politicians in the city on their behalf.  He just knew one place where he could get all the support and help that he required.  He went straight to the presence of God and pleaded on their behalf.  He did what was right, i.e., pray.

When we see injustice and corruption hovering all around us, what are we supposed to do? Just let it go? No… bring it up to God.  Ask God to keep all those who believe in Him to be safe and to be untouched by the things of the world. Pray that we will not be affected by anything that is contrary to the culture of God or His word.  Seek justice from God.