God’s Comfort for the Broken-Hearted


The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit. Psalm 34:18

In a faraway country, on the east bank of the Tigris in ancient Assyria, a family faced deep despair. Their only son had leprosy, a disease that forced his isolation. They sought help from the city councilor and the town’s priest, even turning to their gods, but found no solace.

Prophet Jonah arrived in their city, delivering a compelling message of repentance and God’s forgiveness. This family, already burdened with distress, witnessed the entire country facing similar challenges. Their leaders called for fasting and prayer, seeking divine forgiveness. The family, initially seeking healing for themselves, joined their fellow countrymen in the collective act of facing their trials together.

In collective prayer, God extended His forgiveness to the entire nation, including the struggling family. In our lives, we all experience brokenness—in relationships, financial setbacks, or rejections. During these times of despair, Psalm 34:18 provides comfort.

Biblical verses are meant for daily application, reminding us that God is close to the brokenhearted. He offers hope and a future, as reiterated throughout the Scriptures. Whether you are the author, the reader, or the listener, know that God is with you, offering support and encouragement until the end of the age.

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