God’s Little Light


Matthew 5:14: You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

The attribute of salt is the distinctive thing that gives the salt its identity and uniqueness. A Believer also has a light smaller than from where they get their source of Light – Jesus! Jesus also described Himself and His disciples as the ‘light of the world’. As we try to be like Him, we take on characteristics of what Jesus has: love, peace, truth, … the list of what we know of Jesus is endless, and then there is more to Him.  

Jesus gives us light to show us the path that we must follow. He leads us with His Light. We are encouraged to go on and to seek His Light of truth and righteousness. Just as light is used to reveal and show us things in a place, it is also used to unravel or expose things. With light, comes out the truth. With light, everyone can see God’s glory.

If we Believers walk in the Word in obedience, we can be a light to the darkness in the world. We can unravel the lies of the dark devil to the world. We can show God’s glory to the world through our thoughts, words, and deeds that bring glory to God.

So if a light shines, even if someone tries to hide it, its characteristic is to have people attracted to light, especially in darkness. Therefore, if we try to be timid and mild in this world when we are His children, His little lights, we will appear like a city that is on top of a hill. The whole area can see this, but the city feels it is hidden. We are God’s children glowing in God’s glory because God smiles down on us. Will we use this light to shine on others and bring them out of darkness or will we try to hide on top of a hill in plain view?

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