God’s outpouring


Isaiah 41:18:  I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool or water, and the dry land springs of water.

Our God is a God who turns the nothings into some things.  He is a God who will keep every word He speaks.  When He says “I will,” it is always an “I will.”  He does not regret for the “I will” that He has said to so many of us.  He will not say “I will not” after having said “I will.”  He will never ever change His mind over what He has said.

If God has said that He will open rivers in the high places or fountains in the midst of the valleys or turn the wilderness into a pool or water or the dry land into springs of water, He WILL do it.  Rivers in high places means He will make the water flow from hills and refresh them.  God will open rivers in your life from places that you least expected.  You will have plenty before you had nothing.  He will also open fountains in the midst of the valleys or wells in the midst of the valleys of your life and comfort and satisfy you.  He will make the desert land into pools of water which means He will give you joy in overflowing abundance and finally He will make the dry land into springs of water which can freshen you.  Dryness in all areas of your life will be replaced with freshness and newness from God.

Don’t you think our God is able to perform these things in your life? Wait in His presence for the refreshment, comfort, abundance, and freshness in your life because God always says “I WILL.”

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