Service to God


John 12:26:  If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be; if any man serve me, him will my Father honor.

Service to God is all about following Him.  Following Him means walking the path where He went.  He went around doing good is what the Bible says about Jesus.  He did not look down upon the poor and downcast in the society.  He never turned a deaf ear to anyone’s plea for help or healing.  He never cast away the immoral women or the tax collectors out of His sight.  He was, all in all, well loved and respected and worshipped by everyone who knew His compassion and mercy.

Do not serve the Lord for money or for fame or for some chance of going to far off nations and make some financial gain.  We are His servants.  When we serve our local prayer groups, our church, our family, etc., we are actually serving God.  This always should be borne in our mind and stuck there forever.  We cannot survive in the service of the Lord based on our talents or our time or our treasure.  Unless we have the attitude of a servant or the heart of humility or compassion, we will soon wear out of service.  Whoever, serves Him genuinely will be honored by the heavenly Father.  Serve God with passion and sincerity.  Follow the footsteps of Jesus.  He was questioned multiple times, was asked to prove His identity as a son of God, insulted, and finally crucified.  His life on earth while He was serving His Father was not easy.

It is to this that we are called too.  Service or ministry will not always be great and smooth going.  It will have its rockbottoms sometimes, but the question here is are you still willing to be His servant and follow Him to be honored by the Father?

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