He is the potter and we are his clay!


Ephesians 2:10

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

The potter moulds the clay until it is ready for the purpose it was created for. He takes a solid ball of clay which is pressed, squeezed and gently pulled upwards and outwards to create the required and essential shape. But as the potter does that he does it so gently and slowly; seeing to it that he does not destroy. Even when the clay is not willing to be created in the shape it has been designed to be; the potter still keeps persevering in the same way; the same touch and the same amount of push. He does not force anything out of the clay. He does it gently.

So much so is our potter – Jesus Christ the true vine of every branch and the only root of that branch that can bear fruit. Without him we are nothing. He in all circumstances of life even when we are not willing; or move away or astray into habits and lifestyles; he is gentle. And he continues the good work that he started. He does not give up on us; no matter how much pain and agony we give back to him. He still uses his gentle hands to mould us and create us into the vessels for our good.

We should not fail to see the potter of our lives. His love is overflowing at all times – when we sin and when we do not sin. His love does not change based on the lives we live or lead. How much we need to understand that he is love and cause of this love he continues in love.

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  1. Antara Banerjee
    22 Jan 2019 10:16:24 Reply

    Hallelujah amen ..The Holy holy holy ..the great I Am..the Lion of Judah ..His roaring with power and fighting our Battles who can stop the Lord almighty

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