Hold on!


Psalms 84:12 O Lord of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!

All through the Bible, we see the abundance of God’s blessing on those who trusted Him wholeheartedly.

– Job trusted God, when everything was taken away from him

– Abraham trusted God, when he had no clue where he was going

– Daniel trusted God, when he was faced with hundreds of hungry lions

– Samson trusted God, even as a prisoner to revive his strength and destroy the temple of Dagon

– Esther trusted God, with her own life, to walk into the king’s palace without permission and reverse the plight of the Israelites, who were decreed to die

– And the list goes on…


The Bible is full of people who had unwavering trust in our God!

But, probably, none had more trust in the goodness of God than Joseph.

Though he was sold as a slave, put in prison for his integrity and forgotten by the world, he never lost trust in God.

God has a soft corner for firm trust!

Soon, Joseph rose through the ranks and was second only to the king in Egypt.


If we trust God in difficult times, we will see His might when the time is right!

Your blessing is just around the corner. Hold on!

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