Invincible Rock and Fortress


Psalm 71:3 – “Thou has given commandment to save me; for thou art my rock and my fortress.”

In this scripture, when David’s son drove him out of his dwelling place – the palace at Jerusalem, David went to God. We must remember to do the same as God’s children. ‘Dwelling place’ is defined as ‘a place to live in, an abode’. The word typically brings a feeling of security, of belonging. We must find our dwelling place in the Lord particularly in his heart’s love, especially when we have no place of our own or certainty to turn to. If we dwell in love, we dwell in God.

Why should we dwell in God? God our Lord is a strong habitation, which is why He is called: a strong rock, a strong hold, a strong tower; a wall of fire around his people, a munition of rocks; His salvation is as walls and bulwarks, and His power like a garrison in which they are kept. We can run to our God daily in times of danger and distress, for safety, because of His perfections, power, faithfulness, loving kindness, and unchanging nature. We can hide in Him till our calamities are over. We can go to Him every day for food, comfort, refreshment and pleasure, through communion with Him. Through Christ’s blood, sacrifice, and righteousness, we have the boldness to enter in the holiest of all.

God has given a command to save us – He gave the angels charge over us, His Son was obedient to work out the salvation of His people in the council and covenant of grace and peace, so rightly David also believed that God would save him from present trouble by his mighty power. David thought of God as someone that he could trust (his rock) and someone that he could hide in (his fortress). Such trust can never put him to shame. Today, renew your commitment of faith to God but ‘knowing’ that God is your rock and someone who will save you in His righteousness. You will never be let down; He is our deliverer, a God whom you can trust always!