Jesus- The Perfect Friend


John 15:15” Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his LORD doeth: but I have called you friends”. KJV

The above verse is a beautiful assurance that even though it appears that our Lord is the King and we are His subjects, He is the Master and we are His servants, He has exalted us to the rank of a friend.

Jesus exemplified the concept of friendship while here on earth. When Jesus lived amongst His disciples, He was more like a friend to them than a Master. He never claimed supremacy over them, but always treated them with love and respect. Even though His disciples were always in awe of Him, our Lord Jesus Christ continued in modesty and humility. In fact, Jesus even washed the feet of His disciples thereby proving that He had not come in the capacity of a master but a friend who does not hesitate to serve His loved ones. Lord Jesus hung out with His disciples on numerous occasions.  They would eat together, sail together and perform miracles together.

Our Lord continues to be our friend even though He is seated above. We have all been given an up close and exclusive access to Him. How we use this privilege is up to us. It would be quite right to say that we can all do with a friend like Jesus in our lives. If we allow Him into our lives, He promises to be our favourite confidant and our best friend. He is a friend that we can count on, at all times. He guarantees His availability in times of trouble and distress and assures deliverance.  Let us make a commitment today that we will invite Him as a friend in every area of our lives so that God can in turn reveal His trustworthy and  friendly nature for all to see and experience. Christship is the new friendship.

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