Justice and Righteousness-Wear them!


Psalm 106:3

Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.

Rojas’s sales figures weren’t looking good. His colleagues were doing far better and the reason was because they would get their products sold and numbers high by hook or by crook. Rojas, who was firm in his values, was now in a position where he had to make a decision-whether he was willing to concoct and fabricate the facts, or stick to his grounds.

When things are going in our favour, it is easy to do what is right. But when faced by our own storms and challenged by difficult circumstances, we need to remind ourselves of doing the right thing and standing on the right values even at this time.

The Word of the Lord calls those who are fair in their judgements and right in their choices-blessed, happy and fortunate. Everyone would love to come under the umbrella of these beautiful blessings…and the way to do so is very very simple. Just be fair and do right.

Observing the rules of justice, shouldn’t be difficult for someone who is born again. Because HE who knew NO SIN, became an offering for ALL OUR SINS, so that we would be made right with the Lord. Therefore, we too, are called to extend the same grace that was showered on us, to those around us. Beloved, we begin by keeping a check on our own lives, making every effort through the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit to observe the rules of justice in our conduct. Our actions need to be governed by the principles of integrity. May we always be found to treat all others fairly and rooted in the grounds of the Word of the Lord to choose that which is true.

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