Key to Finding HIM


Proverbs 8:17

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

“Have you ever heard the voice of the Lord?” “Have you ever felt the undeniable presence of the Lord?” “Have you ever seen the Lord?” are some of the questions most believers wished they could answer YES to! And why not? Our God is not someone who is hiding in some far away corner of the universe not wanting to be found. In fact, He wants us to know Him and know Him with a deeper understanding and have experiences with Him for real right here on earth which is why He sent His Son Jesus to us.

So the next question-where then should we search for Him? Begin with His WORD. And as you begin to know Him, pray that you would grow in your love for Him and in His Spirit. Love is a commitment, Love is the key. He has done and continues to do His part…but we need to make efforts, just as in every other relationship. Search and search continually…for He has promised that those who seek Him diligently WILL find Him.

The beginning of this verse beautifully summarizes our relationship with Christ. “I love those…” Because He first loved us!!!

Dear Lord, this is our desire, that you would reveal yourself to us. We will not be satisfied with the ordinary but are expecting the supernatural. Help us love you passionately and diligently. We want to love you like David loved you, Lord. We enthrone You in our lives and declare that You are Lord over all. Come and take your place, dear Lord, in Jesus’ Name we declare! Amen!

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