Love one another


John 13:34:  A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Jesus loved everyone, and He still loves people.  He loves sinners but not their sin in them.  He loves everyone; good and bad.  God sends out rain on both the good and the bad people.  People do not realize His love and are going far and far away from worshipping Him and end up worshipping His created objects.  Yet in spite of this, He still loves human beings.  This is the heart of a real father.

Jesus loves us unconditionally.  He never expects anything in return from us; only our hearts.  He wants us to love one another with godly love just as how He has loved us while we were still in sin.  It is not easy to  love others whom we do not know or to love a rude woman or a man or a colleague at our work place.  It is a very uncomfortable situation to love people who build up all kinds of stories against us and spread unwanted rumours, but God’s word commands us to love one another just as how Jesus loved us.

We are in this season of Christmas where God gave us His Son, Jesus so that we can all receive and understand what is the true meaning of love.  Love is giving and sharing without any condition.  He gave His life for us and the least that we can do for God is loving others as He loves us.  Let us obey God’s commandment and apply it in our lives.