Make it GLORIOUS!!!


Psalm 66:1-2

Shout for joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of His name; make His praise glorious.

We all know how to shout for joy for what the Lord has done, we all know to sing songs to the Lord, we also know how to glorify His Name, for He is the Alpha and Omega. We praise, we worship…but how do we make His praise glorious???

When something is glorious, it means that it is magnificent and splendid. Like a ‘glorious victory,’ think of a cricket match-the victory in itself is a cause for celebration, but the manner in which the victory was won can be a notable and impressive addition that makes the victory simply spectacular.

Our Lord Himself is absolutely majestic and transcendent. But how amazing it is to know that He wants us, the works of His hands, a mere human to make His Name and His praise glorious! We do that by making the very act of praise jubilant. Each one of us can do this is our own special and unique ways. There is no one standard way of exulting His Name, rather it is the creativity, euphoria and passion with which we honour and extol our Father in Heaven that makes it glorious. The deeper the zeal and ardour, the greater will be the glory. Try it, why wait for rejoicing when we get to heaven, when the Lord Himself has promised us that when we call on His Name, He will be right here with us. And what makes heaven, heaven? Christ Himself! That means, where Christ is, there is Heaven! As deep calls unto deep, call unto your Saviour, and as you experience His beautiful presence, make His praise glorious!!!

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