The Reliable Righteous Rescuer


Psalm 91:3

Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

Tanav was struggling at work. His manager felt threatened because Tanav had been doing increasingly well in his responsibilities and was being looked upon by many. It was not just the negative discouraging words spoken by his manager that hurt him, but the deceptive and manipulative strategies he was trying to use that would directly affect Tanav’s productivity, statistics and image. No matter how much he tried to stay off his manager’s course, Tanav was now his target.

False accusations, cunning traps, backstabbing, slanderous remarks, baseless rumours and ridiculous cursing; most of us have experienced it all. Many times, we try and ignore it, yet it plays on and on at the back of our minds like a repeat telecast. We are sure of walking in the Word, yet the fear of how all of this can literally affect us in our lives keeps haunting us. What if the schemes of those who wish evil against us succeed? What if the taunts and profanity of those who hate us, manifests in our lives? What if all those poisoned arrows shot towards us in various forms, actually hits us?

Beloved, speak Psalm 91 louder than any other voice that is ringing in your ears. Surely, says the Lord, without a doubt, certainly, HE WILL save you! But you need to first shut out every other sound that affects you directly or indirectly. Shut it out and shut yourself in the shelter of the Most High. The prowler might howl and make every attempt to entrap you, but so long as you are hidden in the stronghold of the Lord, there is absolutely NOTHING he can do. The Lord is your Reliable Rescuer who is a Righteous Judge and will deliver justice unto you. Stay grounded in His overshadowing!


  1. Ragini Gloria
    25 May 2019 15:08:13 Reply

    Amen !! Amen !! Thanks for this devotional right on time ! All Glory to Jesus !!

    • Bethel Team
      29 May 2019 17:32:05 Reply

      Dear Sis.Ragini,
      We are so glad to know that this Devotional has spoken into your life at the right time.
      Thanks for sharing and encouraging us. All Glory to our Lord!


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