Mar 17: devo 282: He loads us With His Love


Psalm 68:19 – “Blessed be the Lord, who daily leadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.”

The Philistines and the Jews were enemies. The Philistines took away the Ark of God. The Ark was a special box made of wood where the Jews kept things that helped them `remember their Covenant with God. In the Covenant, they agreed to love, serve, and obey God and God agreed to give them help at all times. Bad things happened to the Philistines when they took the Ark so they sent it back to the Jews. For a long time, it was on a farm between Gath and Jerusalem. After David won Jerusalem he decided to take the Ark back into Jerusalem. Everybody sang the scripture in procession when the Ark back. This scripture was written when the Jews came into their Promised Land, after they went through Sinai, where they built the Ark. This scripture tells us about God and what He does for people, God who led His people from Egypt to the Promised Land, God and the procession and to praise God for what He has done. God took His people out from prison in Egypt, He heard their songs, gave them help when they needed it and punished their enemies. God will always do this for his people, any time, anywhere!

God gave us the great and glorious blessing of our salvation and still continues to confer new benefits and favors on us every day. God gives us so many blessings that we are loaded with them! And, God does this daily; God loads us with His bountiful gifts, according to the necessity of our everyday requirement. Jesus received as the purchase of His death, the gifts needed to convert sinners, and for the salvation of Believers to give them eternal life. Jesus continually bestows these, even on rebellious people, so that the Lord God may dwell among them, as their Friend and Father. Jesus is a Savior and Benefactor to all willing, and a consuming fire to all who persist in rebellion against Him. God bears our burdens with us everyday. God promised that the Messiah would strike a fatal head wound against Satan. The victory would be total, with us walking as winners over the battle field. The issues or escapes from death are under God’s control, who is the God that saves us, and destroys His and our enemies. God has poured out His grace and mercy to His church and people through redemption and salvation. Our praise and thanksgiving is gratitude towards this.

And with all spiritual blessings, with an abundance of grace over and above temporal mercies, for which we ought to praise Him day by day: “he will put a burden upon us”, the burden of afflictions. The Lord allows afflictions upon His people and will lay no more than He will enable us to bear. He will in His time and way, deliver us from these afflictions and be the author of salvation to us. Praise be to the God of our salvation – Christ – the author of our temporal, spiritual, and eternal salvation.