Made by the Holy Spirit; Breathed by the Almighty


Job 33:4 – “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

This scripture is about Elihu speaking to Job. Elihu was ready to begin his speech. He would be sincere and honest because he was a good adviser. He would not try to confuse anyone nor would he lie to make his ideas seem more impressive. In the original language, the word ‘spirit’ also means ‘breath’. The Holy Spirit is essential for our lives. It is in fact God’s Spirit that gave to us the breath of life. Elihu wanted Job to consider him first as his fellow-creature made by God’s Spirit, and quickened by a soul, similar to when God at first breathed into the body of man. He wanted Job to stand up and oppose or argue with him about the cause he desired. Job had desired for a judge to decide his appeal, someone like Elihu, who would rightly convince men by reason and not by terror; by fair argument and not by a heavy hand. Job and Elihu were both formed in the same way – the Almighty formed both from the same clay and breathed into them the breath of life. Elihu had undertaken to speak to Job in God’s stead and Job had no need to be apprehensive that he would be overawed or confounded by a Divine Majesty.

Elihu did not want to use his own ideas when he advised Job; Elihu would speak by the Holy Spirit. “The breath of the Almighty hath inspired me” is not as the English Version, “given me life”. Therefore, it means “I am according to thy wish in God’s stead” to thee; a mediator, between God and thee. It is the same for us – God Almighty made us from clay and brought us to life by His breath. We are to use His Holy Spirit inside of us to inspire us in our thoughts, actions and words. This will help us be obedient to God’s Word because the Holy Spirit will never contradict God’s Word. Because the Holy Spirit may want to speak to us in a number of ways – some of them quite surprising – we must always keep our ears open and our spirits ready to listen for His voice. Today, let’s take a fresh breath of inspiration from the Spirit of God that has made us, and a deep breath of the Almighty that gives us life.