No payback


I Peter 3:9:  Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.

Today, the world is running high on ‘payback” time.  Everybody wants to pay back the other person exactly the same way for the evil that was done to them, but payback time is not for a child of God.  We are not supposed to be sowing unforgiveness and hatred because if we do so, that is what we will be reaping in due course of time.  The scriptures also tell us that vengeance belongs to God.

God expects us to bless and not curse.  Our duty is not to sit around and judge and pass rude comments and pay back the offender who offended us.  We should refuse to pay back and instead choose to bless the person who offended us.  The offender can be anyone, i.e., a friend, a relative, your spouse, etc.  We have been instructed to only bless and not return the offense.  Never repay evil with evil.  God says to repay evil with good.  It is a tough choice to choose good over evil, but that is what God wants from us.  If God wants that from us, God will help us with our struggling emotions that desire bad things for the bad ones.

As we sow blessings and forgiveness and love in someone’s life, we will undoubtedly reap them for ourselves too.  Live a Christ-centered life, willing to love and serve unconditionally.


  1. Patsy Gatch
    21 Mar 2019 22:08:32 Reply

    Ron you have always made a great impact on my life and this was the needed time. Bless you😇🙏

  2. Sallie Frenkel
    22 Mar 2019 05:59:31 Reply

    This is a wonderful reminder of what God expects of us
    Often in our own hurt we choose negative behaviour towards the person who has hurt us
    Love and kindness is what is expected

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