See people in love


Luke 6:41:  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

We are so quick to judge people right? We feel way too superior to others in acts and deeds and we feel also that we are the most perfect beings on the earth.  Well, how do we feel if someone judges us or comment something sarcastic or speak hurtfully to us?  Why can’t we think about how we make others feel when we judge them and/or stab them from behind?

Jesus said do not judge.  If we judge others, then our heavenly Father will also judge us.  Let us first try to remove the beam from our own eyes so that we can see better to remove that mote or that tiny dust particle from our brother’s or sister’s eyes.  Let us crosscheck ourselves first based on God’s word.  Well, does it mean that if we are “perfect” we can go around judging others?  No, we have not been authorized to criticize or judge anybody.  As far as possible, let us get ourselves in a right living with God.  Let us pull ourselves together first and make corrections and adhere to discipline whereever it is necessary in our walk with God on an everyday basis.

Let God be the judge.  Never take His place.  We are called to work for God and to minister for Him.  Jesus loved everyone but condemned sin.  Pick up that same attitude that Jesus had and still has.  Look at people the way God wants us to see them, in love.