Our Lord- Our Defender


2 Samuel 22:4 “I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.” KJV

The above verse reminds us that our Lord is our protector and our help in every situation and deserves our highest praise. He is our refuge and our fortress. It further encourages us to call on Him in times of trouble and receive His deliverance from the hands of our enemies. No matter what our circumstances may be, the God we serve is known to make all things work for the good of those who love Him and are humble enough to put their trust in Him.

Our God has made an everlasting covenant with us, guaranteeing our safety and well-being. He has put a hedge around His people so that no evil will befall us and no harm will approach us. He has shielded and branded each one of us with His unfailing love.

When we as believers give Him charge over our problems, He promises to not just deliver us from them but also give us victory in the process. If this does not deserve our adoration, admiration and our approval, then nothing does.

Let us make a strong commitment today, to our Master in heaven then we will hold on to Him as our one and only custodian of peace and protection and give Him ceaseless praise.


  1. Pani Grahi
    28 Apr 2021 10:17:56 Reply

    Thank God for this mode of devotion and thank you for your everlasting Love on me and on our Church

  2. Nirup Francis
    28 Apr 2021 13:35:12 Reply

    Dear Pastor, we request you to start the daily devotion at 8 am like last year, plz start so that in such difficult times we to God’s spoken words through your voice, no doubt your teachings has streghtned us but still we need to see you live on air daily, can you please take my suggestion, love you pastor.

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