Our permanent residence


Psalm 91:1:  He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  (KJV).

Dwell means to settle or live in a specified place.  Abide means to remain stable or fixed.  Shadow of the Almighty means it is a sense of defense or shade from the scorching sun.

Anyone who lives in the secret place of God or in a hidden and well protected place (which means God himself) shall be able to be there or stay stably there under the shadow or protection of the Almighty.  This means that whoever is willing to live a life with God has no worries or fear of the enemy.  When we make God our defence or fortress, there is nothing that we need to be fearful of.  Nobody dares to come up to the secret place to find us out because we are so well protected and cared for by God himself.  When we decide to commit our life to God and to walk a life of faith, there is no turning back.  We cannot be switching places like how we shift houses.  If we have decided to stay with God, that is it.  While in God’s presence, there is this shadow of the Almighty where we can relax.  It is a place where we can put all our worries to rest.  It is a place where the heat of our problems can no longer scorch us.

Continue to have a life with God and dwell in His presence by reading and meditating on His word and by talking to Him in your everyday prayer.

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