Peaceable Habitation, Sure Dwellings and Quiet Resting Places


Isaiah 32:18 – “My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.”

This scripture speaks about the blessings brought by the Holy Spirit, when God’s Spirit is poured out among His people: Justice, righteousness, peace, quietness, and assurance forever. We shouldn’t be satisfied with whatever claims to be of the Holy Spirit if it isn’t marked by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If we lack these things, we can go ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon us. When God pours out His Spirit, we will live on a principle higher than our circumstances, for example, even if others encounter hail, or if they are brought low in humiliation, it won’t affect us who are blessed by God’s Holy Spirit. God’s people would dwell in a peaceable habitation in cities and towns that would not be alarmed bv internal or external foes, in dwellings that would be secure from invasion. All this is descriptive of the peaceful times, and the general security which followed the Israelites return from Babylon. Isaiah and other prophets often refer to this period of happiness and prosperity.

God’s Spirit changes things. When God’s power comes upon us from Heaven, the desert will    become a garden and the garden will be like a rich forest. People all over the country will deal fairly with each other and will behave well. Because of this, there will always be quiet and security and God’s people will live in a peaceful country. Their homes will be safe places of harmony, calm and rest. Even if a great storm completely destroyed the city, the person who plants crops by a stream is still happy – it describes the new earth with new standards in a new society and a new security for all to enjoy.

The present state of the Jews shall continue until a more abundant pouring out of the Spirit from God. The good seed of the Word shall be sown in all places, be watered by Divine grace; and hardworking, patient labourers shall be sent forth into God’s garden. Peace and quietness shall be found in the way and work of righteousness. Jews and Gentiles, and all the saints, shall dwell in peace and love one with another. During these happy times when the Spirit pours forth and the spiritual reign of Christ comes, there will be no more outrages and persecutions of the enemy. People shall be free from all this and have sure dwellings – safely and confidently, secure from all enemies, and free from all hurt and danger by them. They will have quiet resting places – where they may rest quietly with none to disturb them and make them afraid. In addition to their houses and habitations, this ‘sure dwelling and resting places’ would be applied to the Christian communities and churches to which they belong – they shall enjoy spiritual prosperity and safety, great peace and quietness, comfort and rest, under the ministry of the Word and divine management.