The Giver of all good things


Psalm 103:5:  Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. 

God never blesses His people with inferior things.  He blesses them with what is best suited for them and whatever He wishes for them to have.  Whatever God wishes His children to have is the best gift that a person can ever have.  An earthly father knows exactly what to give to his kids.  He does what is in his ability for his kids, sometimes more than just his ability.  His desire is to see his kids happy.

God is much more than an earthly father.  He loves His children unconditionally.  He will answer prayers only if they are in accordance with His will.  He will always satisfy our mouths with good things.  He will bless our life with things that he considers superior.  He will never cause Himself to be honoured less.  He will do things in our life or bless us with those things that will bring Him honour and glory.  He will bless us in such a manner that our youth will be renewed like the eagle’s.  An old eagle renews its strength by waiting on high mountains for its feathers to grow back.  With the growing of its feathers, its begins to fly again and its strength is renewed like a young eagle.

God will bless us in such a way that we will never grow tired but will continue to trust Him for more strength.  Each and every step of faith will make us more and more stronger in the Lord.  We will continue flying high above the storm just like an eagle.  May God bless us.