Praise in the presence of God


Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. Psalms 70:4 KJV

Faith is a journey that we travel with God to the mountain-top, standing unmoved through our trials and tribulations by being rooted in His word. As praise is the fundamental part of our faith. The word of God, shows us the way to the life-changing pathway of praise.
No matter how we feel, praise will shape what our experiences will become. When we have doubts, praise God that His word will never fail us. When fears taunt, praise God for His peace will surpass all our understanding, when in pain, praise God for our pain will be drowned in His perfect love. When lonely, praise God for His presence will never leave us, when questions arise, praise God for His wisdom holds every answer. Our praise leads us to the one, who assures hope beyond trials, joy beyond sorrow, love beyond hate and life beyond all.

Similarly, have you ever wondered ‘If it is possible to experience joy in all seasons of life?’ The answer is yes! The author of Salvation and His promises assures us everlasting happiness in Him alone. Now the question is- How do we experience joy, amidst all the chaos the world has to offer?
As children of God, let us renew our passion and praise for God through His word as we experience the joy and the strength that flow from a praise-filled life. Let us teach ourselves to live with a heart that will say ‘let God be magnified now and forevermore’. May we be ever blessed!

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