Preserved by God


Psalm 32:7 – “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”

A preservative is used to keep food edible and prevent it from getting spoilt. Salt and vinegar are used as preservatives to pickle vegetables and they also add a good bit of flavor. In today’s verse, King David proclaims that the Lord preserves him from trouble. David knew that God would protect his life and keep him from evil.

Although this psalm was written in another millennium, it is still very relevant to us now. While we may not have to literally hide from enemy armies, we do need to find refuge when we face physical, emotional and spiritual attacks in the world. When trials come, we can run to the Lord and allow Him to be our safe hiding place.

Perhaps you do believe that the Lord will preserve you from trouble, but what if the Lord has allowed you to go through a fierce trial? It does not mean that God has moved away from you. Rather, this is exactly what should draw you closer to God than ever before. If you are able to look beyond your current struggles and believe in the Lord for deliverance, your faith will not be in vain. God will not just rescue you but also restore the flavor back into your life and make you a testimony of His goodness and grace.

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