– Psalm 27:10

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

Relationship and not religion. Jesus is all about a relationship. Following him is not following a set of rules and norms to clear one’s conscience or to fulfill a certain criteria of being a Christian; rather it’s much more and beyond that. It’s coming to a time of your life where nothing stands enough importance or ground of any form of dependence but largely only the interdependence with the Lord that counts. It’s not easy to come to a place like that but a father who loves us so much; even more than our earthly parents. There will be times when we will be standing at crossroads of every kind. The choice we make is the relationship and the love we profess for our Lord. It’s so simple to get away from the wrong choices we make not because we have reasons to do so but because of our loving God who is enthroned in a place much beyond we can see or understand and he in his mighty love and grace for us understands. And at times we take advantage of that grace.

But the grace of our parents is limited and the grace and love of our living God is unfathomable. But alas! Lord has also given mere humans to love and forgive; Christ like eyes, ears and a heart to love and look at people that he would want us to look at. And even though man in any form might do us wrong; we need to take it up and leave it at the foot of the cross – to forgive and allow that heart to see through his eyes.


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