Reliance on God


Psalm 62:6:  He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.  (KJV).

David’s life was not an all easy or an all clear life or a life free from enemies.  Before he became a king, he was pursued by Saul and his men.  After he became a king, he had to run for his safety from his own son.  Though David had lots of enemies, his confidence and trust rested in the Lord God of Israel.  He realized that God was enough for him.

David declares boldly that God was his rock and his salvation.  God was his defence.  He was as sure footed as a deer in knowing the might and power of God.  He was bold enough to write this psalm saying that he trusted in God and that he will not be moved.  How many feel God the same way as David felt?  He did not see God face to face like Moses.  He did not have any special intervention from God, but he trusted Him.  He spoke to God everyday and wrote psalms in praise of God.  When he erred from God’s ways, he repented and sought forgiveness.  He was ready to go on his knees for any sin of his.  Over a period of time, he built that unbreakable trust/relationship with God to such an extent that he believed that He alone was his rock and salvation and defence and that that he will never be moved.

How is our relationship with God today?  Be confident to look to God as your rock, your only way of salvation and a strong defence.


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