Seek God wholeheartedly


Psalm 119:10:  With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments.

This is a prayer of David to God, the Most High.  He sought God with his whole heart.  He knew that he had to seek Him wholeheartedly.  There was no serving of two masters attitude with David.  He tells God that he does not want to wander from His commandments.

David was a true worshipper unlike some “submarine Christians,” or “Sunday church-going Christians.”  He gave His best to God when it came to worship, he danced before the ark of the covenant in spite of being the king of Israel.  He had a passion and an ardent desire to please God so much that God referred him as a man after His own heart.  He was so sincere in confessing his directness to God.  He was showing his integrity and honesty before God, the most High.  Even though he worshipped God, he did not wander from His commandments.  He sent out a request to God to preserve him from not wandering away or to lead a life of his own.

We can either choose to seek God wholeheartedly or partially.  Partial obedience is as good as disobedience.  We have to decide as to what we are going to do with our lives.  Surrender yourselves completely in the hands of God so that He will keep you far away from sin.  Spend time in His presence daily and read His word so that your relationship with God will grow every single day.  He will not let you wander from His commandments.

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  1. Jayaraj, New Bel PG, Bethel AG Church
    24 Oct 2018 08:43:37 Reply

    Let us surrender all our every supplications, concerns & worries to our Lord Jesus, thru our fervent prayers daily. He will lead our daily life smoothly with out much worries. He will take complete control of our every situation beautifully. He is our prayer answering & compassionate God Jesus, who never foresake you nor leave you. Amen.

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