Seeking God’s kingdom


Luke 12:31:  But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.

God says to seek the kingdom of God and all the other things that we need for our body or earthly life will be added unto us.  God wants us to seek Him and the things of heaven first.  He wants us to prioritize the things that He freely gives us like salvation, peace, joy, etc.  Seeking His kingdom means setting godly things as the highest priorities in our life.  Does it mean that we should ignore our physical needs?  Definitely not.

God will provide for your physical needs if you learn to prioritize godly things.  So the deal is done.  Stop worrying or fretting about what is happening in your life.  If we set God as the number 1 person in our life, all the things that we need for our body or earthly things will be added unto us by God.  It is like depositing money in our account in a bank where the balance gets credited with more money or added with more money.  God just adds blessings into your life, He adds more and never deletes any.

To receive these physical blessings in your life, all that you need to do is to seek the things that pertain to God.  You have to serve God and value and obey His word.  God will supply our needs according to His riches in glory but in His time.  Diligently seek the Lord and do His will.  If you take care of God’s work, He will take care of your needs.  May God bless you richly.