Sovereign Savior


With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; With a blameless man, You will show Yourself blameless. Psalm 18:25

If you desire answered prayers, miracles and, divine intervention, then this devotional is for you! Psalm 18 reveals how God always rewards, encourages and, protects His children. We all know David as the man after God’s own heart, but what made David different from the others?

As we read Psalm 18, we see David in the depths of sorrow and anguish, but his suffering did not hinder his praise and worship. David continually sought God and trusted His provision. Similarly in your lives when the going gets tough, with trials and tribulations, can you sing songs of praise and honor God? Can you still trust God’s timing and His provision for you? Sounds impossible isn’t, it? During these moments it is so easy to fall prey, allow sin and, unfair means to take control of your life. But does God approve of it? No, Psalm 18:25 explains the nature of God. Our God is a God of righteousness as much as He is, a God of love and mercy.

God appeared merciful and blameless to David according to his righteousness but punished the wicked and evil. Likewise, when you find yourselves in circumstances that seem impossible, lean on God. Always remember to act justly, love mercy and, walk humbly, for God will never fail you. What God did for David, He can do for you! Sing songs of praise to God, for He, will fight your battles and deliver you.

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