Strength, Blessings and Peace from God


Psalm 29:11 – “The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace.”

This scripture is a Psalm of David. When David saw the great storm, heard the wind, saw the lightning and fire in the sky, heard the thunder and noise in the sky, it made him think about God. He tells everyone to give glory to God. To speak of His greatness, power, His mighty name and His beautiful, unparalleled righteousness.

The LORD as king reigned during the great Flood of Noah’s time. David saw the storm bring a torrent of rain, which reminded him of the Genesis account of the Flood. It was to David a remarkable demonstration of the power and authority of the voice of God. The voice of God can bring earthquakes, floods, cyclones, make mountainous regions and deserts move, and even make the animals have their babies. It can remind us of God’s power and justice – when God destroyed creation with His power but saved his own. Through His glory God can express the severity of His judgment at any time. The Lord was king then and even today remains the King who reigns.

The same God with His earth-shattering strength and authority sends strength to us, His people, for our needs. God uses His powerful destructive storm on creation and to His rebels. During the storms, God will give us His strength to weather the storm. But we can be confident of God’s blessings, His strength as a comfort, and peace after the storm. Peace is a gift that God gives us, which means no loud noises or fighting round us. We can also ask God for this peace today if we do three things: 1)we must say sorry for doing bad things 2) ask God for help not to do the same again in our tomorrows and 3) ask God to be the Lord in our lives. The peace of God also means nothing bad inside us. We will have nothing but happiness inside us.