Strong in God’s might


Ephesians 3:16:  That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man.

God is so rich in grace.  It never runs dry on any occasion.  He is so rich in glory too.  Paul here is praying for the believers in Ephesus that they will be strengthened in their spirit or inner man with the power or the strength or the might of God.  He is praying that God would grant them His might in their spirit according to His riches of His glory.

When God gives someone something, He does not do it the pauper way.  He is not a stingy person.  He does it the kingly way.  His blessings are always king size.  He blesses someone according to His standards and not according to the standards of a worldly person.  Therefore in Paul’s word, to be strengthened with might is not a mere request before God.  He knows whom He is bringing this request to.  He knows what it is to receive from this great and mighty God.  He himself was a living witness of the miracles that He received from God.  God strengthened Him with the spirit of boldness and strength to be able to preach the gospel to the gentiles.  He experienced this immense strength from God.  Probably it was his wish that the church at Ephesus also be filled with the same power and might that had filled him.

We all need strength in our inner man to go on in our day to day life.  We need strength and might to walk through every fire and water situation.  We need our inner man to be strong and strengthened to face the everyday struggles and difficulties in life.  Go to God now and ask Him to strengthen your spirit in order for you to be victorious every single day.