The Bejewelled, Glorious Temple of the Most High


Isaiah 60:7

All Kedar’s flocks will be gathered to you, the rams of Nebaioth will serve you; they will be accepted as offerings on my altar, and I will adorn my glorious temple.

Many believe that the Prophet is referring to the end times here. That we are living in the last of the end times, is non-debatable. Nebaioth and Kedar were sons of Ishmael, representing Abraham’s children according to the flesh, while we are Abraham’s children according to the Most High’s promise. The Kedarenes (the nomadic) and Nebateans (the trading tribes) gathered the best of their substance and their increase, bringing it as offerings to the Lord. Prophet Isaiah saw nations, who were enemies of Israel, now having a heart to honour the Lord with what they considered valuable and precious, consecrating them to the Lord.

This is soon and happening, beloved. But these offerings were not to be used as sacrifices, rather it is figurative of even the Gentiles being enveloped and influenced by the grace of the Holy Spirit, which made them bring the best and most excellent substance to serve and glorify the Lord at “the Altar.”

This ‘Altar’ was the way to obtain Father Jehovah’s favor. This ‘Altar’ had the ability to even sanctify the offerings. It is at this ‘Altar’ that Yahweh is reconciled to men. This ‘Altar’ is none other than our Lord Jesus Himself. He is the altar and He is the sacrifice, which is why the offerings are not to be used. Whatever is offered to Him by this altar, is acceptable and sanctified.

The Kedarenes and Nebateans didn’t need to wait for a priest to go up to the altar. They, like us, freely go up in faith and with full confidence of the acceptance of their substance.  Not only are the offerings accepted, but He has promised to also adorn His glorious temple. While He became the sacrifice for you, whatever has been your sacrifice to the Lord; has rather been an act of a love offering. With your sacrifice, He adorns the temple. Every act of surrender, He has been using to only enhance and enrich His precious temple.  And, just a note of remembrance, that, you beloved, are the temple of the Most High. You are where His Spirit dwells and manifests. What you thought you were giving up for Him, He has been using not just to build you up, but to embellish and emblazon you. Rise and shine, for your light has ever been upon you!

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