The Dazzling Blessing


Numbers 6:25

The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.

This is a part of the Priestly blessing meant specifically for the Lord’s own, and His children only. Dispensed to you, through your High-priest, Christ Jesus, sealed with the very name of Yahweh.

What happens when the sun rises each morning?

Everything that it shines on radiates beauty. It is the source of all energy, light and heat. In fact, the amount of sunlight in a specific area determines what can survive there. Similarly, the Son of Righteousness causes Himself to rise on YOU. He provides you with the spiritual light and heat that your spirit so desperately longs for. When Moses came down from Mt.Sinai after he had spent time in fasting and with the Most High, and his face shone like the sun, his clothes became as white as the light. When the glory of the Lord falls upon us, His enlightenment comes upon us.  What other religions call the highest spiritual state, we find in the presence and communion of our Father.

Receive in faith, this blessing therefore: The Lord lift up His approving countenance upon you and give you peace. Arise! Shine! For your light has come. There is a newness dawning on your life. The glory of the Most High is upon you.  Your sun will no longer set, your moon will no longer go down; for your Lord will be your everlasting light and your Lord will be your splendour! For them that fear His Name, the Son of Righteouness rises with healing in His wings. He will wipe away every tear and you will declare, “The Lord is my sun and my shield, He gives grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from my life!” In Jesus Name.

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