The Power of Relationships


Ecclesiastes 4:9

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.

From the beginning, the Lord lay the foundation that ‘it is not good for man to be alone.’

By being a loner, you are exposing yourself unprotected. But when you have a friend you can count on, you can lean on and you can turn to; you have someone to lift you up when you fall. In our generation you can have so many followers on multiple different platforms, where you don’t know majority of them, but how many true friends can you count who are able to give you godly counsel, hope when you are hopeless and encouragement when you are weary? How’s your social circle…at home, at church and at work? While the world judges us by the number of friends and followers we have, let us remind ourselves that Christ Himself was mindful of the ones who He allowed closest to Him. Just like He opened His life to His disciples, taught them the Word, shared meals with them, enjoyed life with them, we are called to have meaningful relationships. And just as in the case of our Savior, there will still be heartbreaks with the ones you trust but that shouldn’t hinder your attitude to forgive, bless and move on.

Beloved, whether in your family, church or workplace, cultivate strong relationships based on the values of the Holy Bible. The Lord desires that no man should live as an island, aimlessly floating away, as the wind blows, broken from the mainland. Cherish the bonds you already have. Invest quality time into relationships. Build each other in faith as you grow the Kingdom of the Lord. In Jesus’ Name!

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