The Solution to Every Problem


Psalm 95:1  Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.


What is the right way to connect with God? Often, this question leaves people perplexed.

The lack of clarity leads us to settle for a fragile relationship with our Heavenly Father. God becomes our utmost priority when we are in trouble, but remains a passive observer at other times.

This half-hearted relationship is what leads us into trouble in the first place. It is not that people who have nurtured a strong relationship with God will never face problems. God’s children will certainly face some difficulties in life. But divine solutions will find a way to tailgate the problem.

How do we reach this “mystic” realm where blessings abound and problems without solutions are forced to turn around?

The answer lies in two simple, yet powerful enablers – PRAISE and WORSHIP!

Praise and Worship open the lines of communication between Heaven and Earth.


In the Bible, Daniel fostered a Spirit of Praise and Worship. His situation did not change his attitude towards God. From being an orphan slave in the kingdom of Babylon, to facing potential death at the hands of the King’s soldiers and spending a night in the lions’ den, Daniel’s problems were enormous. But, so was his Praise and Worship to God!

Every problem that Daniel faced was overcome through a miracle more enormous than his problem. The reason for his Great Triumph was his attitude towards God.

This Sunday, let us don the attitude of Praise and Worship, and give God all the adoration He deserves. Remember, it is our weapon to fight big problems with even bigger miracles!

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  1. Immanuvel Sreenivasan
    14 Jul 2019 11:17:49 Reply

    Praise and Rise ….thats the way to live a successful Christain life…its a manufestation of word of God in ur life…its a reltionship with the Trinity…

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