The Unchanging Goodness of God


James 1:17Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

This verse reminds us that every good thing we have in our lives comes from God, who is unchanging and constant in his love for us.

One way to see God’s goodness and unchanging nature is by looking at the natural world. Think about the sun, for example. It rises every morning, and sets every evening, providing light and warmth for the earth. It has been doing this for billions of years, without fail. The sun is a symbol of God’s constancy and a reminder that we can always count on him to provide for us.

But the sun is not just a symbol of God’s constancy; it is also a symbol of his generosity. The warmth and light it provides are gifts that sustain life on Earth. Similarly, every good thing we have in our lives – whether it’s our health, our families, our jobs, or our friendships – is a gift from God. We don’t deserve these gifts, and we can’t earn them; they are given to us freely, out of God’s love and generosity.

So today, let’s take a moment to thank God for all the good things in our lives. Let’s remember that every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above, and let’s be grateful for the constant, unchanging love of our Heavenly Father. Just as the sun provides light and warmth for the earth, so too does God provide for us, day after day. Let us trust in his constancy, and give thanks for his abundant blessings.

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