The wisdom of Humility


But he giveth more grace. wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. James 4:6

So what is humility, is it something we can acquire by ourselves? There can be a lot of confusion that surrounds humility. Often, humility is associated with quietness and
inadequacy. But, what does the Bible actually say about it? Humility is the fundamental part of our Christian faith, a virtue that God honors.

God says when we are humble, we are free from pride and arrogance. Our humility grows through encountering God and meditating on His word, because what better way to understand humility than learning from God Himself. Yes, humility can be hard, but what can be our motivation to have consistent humility? The answer is submission, humility first begins in our relationship with God, day in-day out like any other progressive relationship our humility needs an every day renewal from God. Therefore we must ask God to help us be humble and when we submit ourselves completely to God, we are surrendering the areas of our life that need God’s touch. Those dark, stubborn areas of our lives requires God’s grace.

While we submit our flaws, weakness and sins to God, let us not defend ourselves for the things we have done. We ought to, present our weaknesses as it is to Lord as His strength is exalted in our weakness because He is able. In humility will God abundantly pour out His grace. Let us humbly seek the Lord and give Him glory now and forevermore.

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