Trust God, Always!


Proverbs 30:5  Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.


A young Daniel rose to power in the kingdom of Babylon. In fact, he was so wise and dependable that King Darius made him his right-hand man.

From a prisoner of war to the Prime Minister of Babylon, Daniel’s journey was one that caught the attention of everyone. They spoke about Daniel ‘s wisdom, integrity and dedication to his job. Of course, such conversations always had a hint of jealousy. Over time, envy became the subject of every conversation that concerned Daniel.

Soon, ministers approached the king with a ploy to get rid of Daniel. They proposed a 30-day-period when every citizen was to refrain from worshipping other gods and worship only the king. This sat well with the king who issued the decree immediately.

What Daniel did next is quite astonishing! He went straight to his room and prayed, as usual, giving thanks to God!

For what was he thanking God? How can anyone thank God at a time as such?

But, that’s where Daniel was different! He thanked God because he knew that God was in control, even when a decree for a nation was passed only to hurt him! That’s how much Daniel trusted God!

Of course, we know the rest of the story. Even a den full of hungry lions could not hurt Daniel because God sent His angels to shield him. (Daniel 6:13-28)

Do you trust God at all times, even when the going gets tough?


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  1. Ramakrishna
    23 Dec 2019 08:19:58 Reply

    Yes doing is easier than saying! It’s not but with God isn’t possible? Its possible.During difficult time i awnt give thanks to God. Because my God knew every weakness. When i want to serve like tail, He made me head of an educational institution. Just i want to join for small job and little salary, but God gave me and revealed me greater responsibility in workplace and at home.
    I was a irresponsible for some time for some unnecessary reasons , but now I want to commit more towards my responsibilities God gave me as a child of God. Thank you Abba Father for your Agape unconditional LOVE. As Jesus raised Daniel Lord God you increase i must decrease to do Your will.thank you once again. Amen

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