God delights in us


Psalm 149:4:  For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.

God loves His people so  much that He enjoys being with them and blessing them with all good things.  He will beautify or adorn the humble or meek with salvation.  Salvation is such a wonderful experience.  It is like wearing something beautiful on our persons.

God created us, human beings, so that He could have fellowship with us.  This fellowship was wrecked due to sin by Adam and Eve.  God always has good thoughts and plans for His children, but it is we who mess them all up.  When we try to keep our foot on two different grounds, then it does not please God to remain in close connectivity with us.  When connectivity is lost, communication becomes a problem.  When communication is barely present, the relationship with God takes a major blow. How do we fix this stuff?  Simple… just do what God wants you to do.  Do what pleases His heart.  Building back the lost connectivity is like inviting God over into our lives.  God will be very pleased to have us back on His contact list.  He would take immense pleasure to start all over again and bless us.  He will adorn the humble hearted with the gift of salvation.

Since God takes pleasure in His people, we should be people who give God the joy of wanting to honour, exalt, and bless us always.  The greatest gift that God has given us is the gift of salvation.  Let us safeguard this until our race on earth is over.



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