UNITY-The Oneness of the Trinity


Psalm 133:1

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

A mother taking her daughter for a walk was telling her about the beautiful flowers and trees that surrounded them. She then pointed to one particularly interesting plant called ‘The Angel’s Trumpet.’ The little girl excitedly rushed towards the plant when her mother pulled her back saying, ‘the plant looks pleasant with its pretty trumpet shaped flowers, but is dangerous and fatal.’ Pleasant, but not necessarily good. On reaching home, her mother gave her an immunity booster saying though it smelt unpleasant, it had a whole lot of health benefits. Good, but not necessarily pleasant.

Unity in the Kingdom of God is both good and pleasant unto the Lord. Getting along requires effort. It requires love, patience and gentleness. It requires a heart that is tender, slow to anger and abounding in forgiveness. We need to practice the pleasantness of speech and hospitality of heart, with the integrity, morality and virtues of goodness in our relationships according to the Word of the Lord. When these come together, the children of the Lord can achieve mighty wonders.

Unity and oneness is depicted so wonderfully in the Trinity. Though our God is triune, He is One. When the angel of the Lord came to Mary, he said, ‘The Holy Spirit would come upon her, and the power of the Most High will overshadow her, and the Holy One will be born called the Son of God.’ The fullness of the unification of the threefold person of the Lord comes together to create ripples throughout history.

Let us pray that the Lord would teach us to lift up, empower, equip, encourage and grow each other. May our relationship with one another as a church reflect the unity that the Lord has called us to. May He continue to bind us all with His cords of togetherness of heart and oneness of Spirit, in Jesus’s Name!

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